Product strategy for 20,000,000 users


A new pricing and product strategy that helps event creators and Eventbrite grow together


· Emily Simonin – Data Science
· Steph Chen – Interview Support

My Role

· User Interviews
· Data Analysis (Qual + Quant)
· Strategic Recommendations


Strategic proposal focused on pricing and product structure

Time + Space

· Summer 2019
· Eventbrite – San Francisco, CA


Our diverse event creators.

Diverse Creators, 
Diverse Needs

One of most challenging problems at Eventbrite was the diversity of our users’ objectives. How could one platform serve the needs of so many people with so many different needs? My team’s job was to understand how we might better serve the right features to the right people, at the right price.

Our Challenge

While Eventbrite did offer "Good/Better/Best" pricing bundles, the vast majority of creators were using the default "Better" option. Almost none opted to upgrade to the "Best" option. We also needed to build a deep understanding of what our creators' needs and motivations really were.


User Research

My team conducted a survey and quantitative analysis of thousands of creators to understand how and why they use Eventbrite. In addition, my coworker and I conducted deep-dive interviews with 12 creators from the clusters who use Eventbrite the most.


We found it was likely that large numbers of our creators didn't even know upgrading was an option, despite having problems that could've been solved with a better package.

We also found that some creators perceived Eventbrite as a "free" product, despite Eventbrite taking a percentage of every paid ticket sold.

Finally, we found that many creators had problems that could've been solved with features they already had access to, but weren't aware of.


I was so surprised people thought Eventbrite was free that I made an audio supercut of their quotes. The clip went viral inside the company.


Left: Sorting the users along various spectrums.
Right: Crossing those spectrums to look for meaningful patterns.

Key Insight

People use Eventbrite for everything from small fundraisers to massive music festivals. So we asked ourselves, "Who would benefit from access to more features?"

Our research pointed to an answer: Event-centric entrepreneurs. Specifically, small, medium, and large organizations who were looking to take their business to the next level.

People like Neal & Andrea who run paint & wine workshops on the side, but want to do it full time. Or people like Kelly who run food festivals with hundreds of people, but want to grow across state borders.


Eventbrite had ways to help them grow, like better marketing tools. We just needed to communicate that better.


By refocusing our bundles on growth, we could help these people make their dreams a reality.


Growing Together

After handing off my research and strategic recommendations to the team, my internship came to an end.

The packages were repositioned around growth as a result of our work (below). But the team also integrated the work into the ongoing effort to improve Eventbrite’s pricing and packaging strategy.


An internal ad I made to promote our new strategic focus.

Our package promotion pages began placing a stronger emphasis on features that could help businesses grow and better serve their audiences.